A downloadable game

Become Ace "Loneshot" Trigger, the special agent with a penchant for ponchos and more than just a signature look.  Ace made his name by resolving the most difficult of hostage situations, all while only ever firing a single bullet.

With his trusty handgun "Betty" and his bouncing bullets, can he continue the incredible killstreak?

Ace will turn to face your mouse at all times, allowing you to aim his shot.  There is no time limit, so feel free to take as long as you need to think.  There is a reticle that will indicate where the bullet will initially strike after you fire.

Kill every enemy in the level to win.  You lose points for killing hostages, and lose if you kill them all.

You can restart the level at any time by pressing 'R', or return to Level Select by pressing 'ESCAPE.'

The Windows version should be compatible with Linux under WINE.


Make it Count - OSX BIN.zip 4 MB
Make it Count - Windows BIN.zip 3 MB